Death comes knocking

And he is not alone

Death is at your door.

But you don’t need to be afraid, as he is not here for the usual reason.
Even then, he should not scare you. Death is not just what you think.
He is here instead to introduce himself, to share his many stories
and to reveal his truth.

A Harbinger of Rebirth

He is knocking at your door, to remind you that you are alive.
Everyone’s end is closer than we’d like to believe.
Life may be great and beautiful, but it’s also surprisingly short.

That’s why we must all have an end in mind. A goal, a destination.
We might never reach it, and that’s okay. We can always reconsider it.
But without it, we are just aimlessly journeying through Life’s paths.
We are not having a clear direction.

(And some might say that’s the best way. A life that’s not questioned.
A life without direction. But that’s their truth, not mine.)

I believe that we all inevitably end up spending most of our time
wondering about what’s next for us. So an end can give us clarity.
It can help us pay attention to what’s around us.
And it can guide us to pay full respect to the everyday miracles.

At the same time though, we must not let the end consume us.
Death is not the only one knocking. Two more strangers knock at your door.
They try to teach you a simple lesson:

Be where you are.

A simple lesson indeed. One you’ve definitely heard before.
A lesson that I am not sorry for repeating.
As I wish I always remember it.
I am grateful for the people around me that help me to be present,
and remind me to count my blessings and live each moment.

And I hereby wish the same for you.
Every second dream. Every second live.

I wanted to thank all of you that have subscribed for our storytelling journey.
The stories will all be eventually continued.
Paths will meet, ends will be written.

But for now, cherish the moment you’re into.
Enjoy your journeys, as I hope you’re enjoying our stories.

And as always feel encouraged to share, read, clap and offer your feedback.
Feedback offers reflection, and reflection offers a glimpse into the soul.

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Till the next rhyme,

Evans Kyritsis and the fellowship of Life, Death and Rhymes