Emotions and Dreams

Find what's of value among many distractions

Greetings from our fellowship,

today we encourage you to look deep into the masses,
and try to pick out the special few.
We fortunately live in a world of second chances,
so we still can decide what’s of value to pursue.

So, we first encourage you to read a poem about masses of emotions,
love and hope included, but also of materialism and disconnection.

A scrapyard of emotions

We hope you’ll find it a useful reminder of the highest of things.
We hope you’ll make those your priority.
We hope you’ll find a “scrap of hope” each single day.

Then, we encourage you to read about dreams.
Masses of them, so many that you can easily get lost in them.
Make sure as you read to mark your way out.

Piles of dreams

Ask yourself these questions, and please share your beliefs.
What good can though do a dream, if you can’t make it come true?
How painful can the longing get, with so many dreams unsatisfied?

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We hope you are a bit more inspired, still eternally hopeful
and that you’ve put some conscious thought into your lives.

We hope we managed to put emotions into rhymes,
and to show you how dreams can be innocent crimes.

Decide today as every day, to create and share beauty.
Foremost, by being an example of kindness and wisdom.

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Till the next time,

Evans Kyritsis and the fellowship of Life, Death and rhymes.