Evergreen life

Strange, uncanny and full of love

Today’s a celebration of love. Of course, I give it my best to celebrate love and life every day. I choose to love my life, to love my fate and to embrace them fully.

Today is Valentine’s day. Today I choose to celebrate, not by buying expensive gifts
but by creating a piece of poetry straight from my heart. A poem that shortly tells of the beginning and the future of my relationship/engagement.

All of us must have felt blue at some point in our lives. Sadness is so beautiful, and can be quite addictive. To celebrate today, I speak of the joy my partner brought into my life and the way I promise her to follow. A way of understanding, of courage and of creation.

I hope you all celebrate love today. Love as you imagine it, for whomever you feel it for.
Create memories, create love, share it with the world. The world needs more of love. So don’t ask where it is, or where love has gone. Create love each day instead.

Your little heart must be so brave
To hear my call and come to save
A boy like me, who nothing knew
On how to change the color blue.

With tender hands, with tender ways
You brought sunlight in my faint days
Blue shades mixed with sunny yellow
Transformed a boy to a green fellow.

Green; for it's the color you so adore
Same as all places we love to explore
Green as these lives we wish to build
To host those dreams yet unfulfilled.

With steady ways, with steady hands
I hope I'll lead you to wonderful lands
Where your fears comfort might find
As new seeds might enrich your mind.

With loving hands, with loving ways
Your way I'll steer these yellow rays
To help your soul blossom each day
That is my promise, that is my way

Till the next time,
The fellowship of Life, Death and Rhymes