Simpler times

Waves that came and went

The only way to get out of here
Is to allow myself to stop being
To stop being smaller than my fear
And in it’s presence to stop fleeing.

Back and forth, recurring waves
Sea that drowns, sea that bleeds
Flowers that bloom on empty graves
And bittersweet aroma that misleads.

Waves led me away from simpler times
Coloured flowers stole my every breath
Yet I bravely wish to write in fitting rhymes
What comes with Life and goes with Death.

Life invites you, Death welcomes you.

I want to take this chance to (re)invite you to my newsletter. You might notice that I have not been updating it for a while. In fact, I put a pause on it before I even properly started.

I thought that what matters is the support I would get from others. I craved some nice conversation, some uplifting comments, some recognition. But I’ve never had a big or lively following. I could hardly make my friends turn their heads my way. That’s when I realized that I’d probably have done the same.

I could be so distracted in MY LIFE, that I wouldn’t be able to support others.
But I am lucky enough to have been in the past part of a team, that showed me that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s alright to be vulnerable, it’s fine to be myself.

One of my ex teammates recently asked me to send her/them a regular update. I am still not so comfortable with that, but I can still write some rhymes. As I can still use my voice to call out on everyday things that need our attention. As I can use my poetry to combine worlds, bring together fantasy with reality, and hopefully teach a lesson or two.

I might not get many to read this, but I surely hope my friends will do. I hope they’ll let me somehow know they are with me.

And I hope that when Life gets too busy, or when Death seems to prevail in the world around us, I will still have the courage to create, share, learn and teach.

Thank you to all my teammates, thank you to all my friends. Thank you to everyone that believes that the written world can change the world. But most importantly, thank you and welcome to all those daring to believe that this world can still change.

Here’s to hope, here’s to courage, here’s to all of you.

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