The Black and White soul

And all the unexpected, gray areas

The Blacks were mostly right, but they always thought they’re wrong
The Whites were mostly wrong, but they always thought they’re right
So the Blacks kept learning more, as the Whites kept ignorant but strong
Yet together they belonged, and settled in the land of Black and White.

The forgotten land of Black and Whiteof evil and good, darkness and light
For ages was kindly and justly ruled, by the wise Black and White Empress
She was a penguin, last of her kind, both right as black both wrong as white
And due to her conflicting self, both patient scholar and reckless temptress.

She was adored, she was loved. There would not be allowed any other way.
From the Salt lakes to the Pepper mountain, she kept the Empire in peace
She had torn black feathers, ripped white pillows, and made everyone obey
She knew of war, survived many. She turned to Queen from a humble piece.

Her reign was harmonious. But some Whites thought that they should rule
Her reign brought prosperity. But some Blacks awaited for their chosen heir
Two prophecies survivedOne of a White Sage that would start life as a fool
Another of a deep Black soul, arising from the sea of tears, of envy and despair.

The coming of the prophecies soon would be upon the land of Black and White.
Follow the story as it unfolds. Follow our travel, as Life and Death rhymes unravel.

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This is one of the many stories we’re working on at the moment.
Stories that exist in imaginary worlds, with many lessons for here and now.
Stories that might seem strange, or so familiar.
Stories with no apparent end in sight, no goal we are frantically try to achieve.
We write as we live. Both inside and outside time.
Both in the future and the past. With both Life and Death on our sides.
Thank you for reading.

Till the next rhyme,
Evans Kyritsis and the Fellowship of Life, Death and rhymes