The secret dancers

Or how to find love in the tiniest of hearts

Once so often, when all the bright lights go out
Small creatures wake up, and light small bonfires
They gather then in circles, they gather all around
And let their bodies free to their hearts’ desires.

It’s a society that’s rumored to outlive all the rest
Afraid not of nuclear wars, and nature’s disasters
Ignorant mammals treat them no more than ugly pest
But they’re loving, beautiful and of their lives masters.

Those secret masters widely are known as cockroaches
They have strong bonds, and they’re the best of dancers
Together they always face each danger that approaches
Together they light fires, share stories, moves and answers.

Hand in hand in circles they dance, without fears and judging
They welcome all, then share dreams, questions and dilemmas
And as the bright lights come up, they dance once more while hugging
Exchanging comfort, love, support through their quite long antennas.

Today through rhyme we learn about the tiniest of creatures. What we learn about them may not be scientifically correct, but it still teaches us respect and understanding for their difference.

We as humans must not forget that we’re primates, and not Gods upon this Earth.
We too dance as them, we share stories and try to collectively find answers.
We are all in this together, playing our part in this wonderful existence.

We are all one. Yet often we treat each other and other species so differently.
How about instead, at least for today, we embrace being equals with every being.
In rights and in beauty. In Life and in Death.

Take your time, appreciate the smallest of beings, and tell us how you feel.

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P.S. On a recent walk in the woods, a tiny, golden flying insect landed on my phone.
Looked just like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. And as fast as the snitch would, it flew out of my sight. It was there for just a moment, and yet it left me more in love with nature and life.